on March 23, 2022 13:00-14:00 IST | The webinar was conducted by Mr. Yanagihara, a Japanese food ambassador who is an evangelist of Japanese food and Japanese food culture to the world, especially in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Brazil.

The webinar included a video presentation of the Tsukiji market in Japan and a demonstration of how to prepare sushi at home, as an opportunity for people to experience Japanese food and food culture.


“Enjoy our Differences“ Online Lecture / Demo & Talk Session with Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

1、Introduction to Japanese food and food culture
2、Sushi Cooking Demonstration
3、Demonstration of Japanese cooking style using apples
4、Q&A session


About Mr. Yanagihara, Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

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Mr. Naoyuki Yanagihara

Cooking Demonstration : Temari Zushi (Small ball-shaped Sushi)

Temari Zushi is a small bite-sized sushi. The sushi itself is bite-sized, but it is characterized by being made even smaller and rounder. Temari Zushi is also known as Kyo-zushi, and is made in bite-size, elegant and easy to eat so that maiko (apprentice geisha) do not get lipstick on their lips.

The ingredients used in Temari Zushi are not only fish, but also vegetables, which are often sliced pickled in vinegar, making for a wide range of variations. It is also very pleasing to women because of its lovely appearance.

About Campaign

“Enjoy our Differences”

The concept of the campaign is “Enjoy our Differences,” and we dare to focus on the “differences” between Indian food and Japanese food. The message is to respect, enjoy, and accept the differences between the two countries. We aim to create a new opportunity for people to think together through the value of the exploration process itself, which is to discover “Mutual Value” among the great differences in the cultures of both countries. more detail