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Our Official Supporter

We are looking for official supporters to help bring the campaign to life with us!

Entry Requirements

  • Those who have a strong affinity between the campaign concept “Enjoy our Differences” and their own activities (e.g., food exchange through Japan and India, Japanese food, Indian food, food culture, etc.).
  • Those who share the campaign concept and are willing to take the initiative (e.g., to collaborate on ideas, etc.).
  • Those who understand (or try to understand) Japanese and Indian culture.
  • Those who can communicate in English or the Indian local language.
  • Those who can create creative works (videos, articles, photos, graphics, etc.) on their own.

Conditions for Official Supporters

  • As an official supporter, we will post your information on the campaign landing page.
  • Provide us with the original data of the creative. We will insert the official campaign logo in the creative and use it on the official SNS and website.
  • The creative must be used only on the official campaign account and the provider’s account.
  • Provide certain conditions of contents every month from the appointment of the ambassadors.
    Period: Until December 2022, when the campaign ends.
Application Form

Please note that you will receive a reply within one week of submitting your application.