Furoshiki is a square-shaped Japanese traditional wrapping cloth that is eco-friendly and mostly used for wrapping gifts, carrying goods or just as a decoration. It is usually made of cotton, nylon, silk, or rayon. A wide variety of designs and sizes are available. It also refers to the art and/or technique of wrapping goods and gifts using cloth and fabric instead of wrapping paper.


Our similarity, Indigo blue

Indigo blue is often used in Japanese dyeing. Indigo blue is one of the five colours used in the campaign. This is more than just a thematic colour, as it represents a connection between Japan and India. Indigo is one of the most common colours used in Japanese dyeing and is sometimes called “Japan blue” in the West.

Indigo is also the official colour of Japan’s national soccer team and is known as “the colour of victory”. This colour, which represents Japan, actually originates from India. The colour also symbolises the cultural ties between Japan and India, so we chose indigo among the blue colours because of the commonality of the sea.


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