Take a moment to appreciate the tea. Express your gratitude for everything that helped make your cup of tea a reality. If your mind begins to wander, think of three things you are grateful for right now. Savour the peace and relax into it.

Tea is said to be one of the simplest forms of meditation practices in Zen. Appreciating the tea utensils, enjoying the fragrance of the tea leaves, brewing with mindfulness, and tasting the tea are carried out in the practice.

This mindful tea practice is only a guide to your meditation session. The key is to open yourself to the spirit of being present and to come back to your senses whenever you have drifted into your thoughts. During the tea time ceremony, there is a special encounter between the drinker and the tea. Thus, those moments are full of peace and happiness.


Japanese Iron Tea Pot

Tea has been an integral part of monastic life for centuries in Japan. Meditation with tea allows the mind to stay awake.

This meditation with tea practice allows for the awareness to take root in one’s mind as one enjoys the quality of the tea leaves, the tea utensils, and the space. Mindful tea brewing brings forth the connection of the mind to the body’s five senses including smell, taste, colour, sound, and temperature.

In the “Tea Meditation” session, the time for brewing tea and drinking is devoted to the presence.

Here you can see the video of Japanese Tea pot.

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