Take a few bites and put your chopsticks down on the chopstick rest. This procedure allows you to follow an 80% diet rule by eating slowly.

Do you know that the Japanese follow an 80% diet rule that helps them live longer lives? In Japan, you are taught not to eat until you are fully filled. Instead, you must eat the eighth portion of the meal. You must chew slowly and enjoy the flavours. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to recognise that the stomach is full. By eating slowly, we can shorten this time.

This makes digestion easier and is said by Ikigaki to be the secret to longevity. The secret of an 80% diet is to reduce caloric intake. It has been scientifically proven that calorie restriction not only increases life expectancy, but also extends healthy life span, the period of time during which a person is healthy and free of disease.

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