Direct Import from Japan, from Delhi to every corner of India, they deliver Japanese foodstuffs for commercial (as well as home use) and daily necessities/household goods that are only available in Japan. We specialise in imports for those involved in projects such as operating factory canteens and restaurants in remote areas.



Company Features

They supply Japanese foodstuffs, daily necessities, and household goods, which are only available in Japan, from Delhi to all of India.

Three popular items

The important thing when making Washoku is the ingredient called “UMAMI”

Japan’s proud “DASHI” culture, the typical dashi are Bonito (Katsuo dashi) and Kelp (Konbu dashi).


1. Bonito Flake (Katsuo Bushi)


Katsuobushi is an indispensable soup stock for Japanese food. It is rich in inosinic acid, an umami ingredient, and is used in various Japanese dishes.


2. Kelp (Konbu)

Kelp has two kinds of amino acids, glutamic acid and aspartic acid. It is rich in umami ingredients and enhances the deliciousness of food.


3. Dashi Powder

You can make soup stock just by mixing it in water, and you don’t need to remove the soup stock from the bonito flakes. Because it is a granule type, you can sprinkle it directly on the ingredients to season it, and you can easily finish the seasoning of various Japanese dishes.


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