Yoshinori Tezuka

Fourth generation Sushi chef / SUSHI Ambassador

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The Indo-Japan Food Culture Campaign was launched in 2022 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Japan and India’s diplomatic relationship. As the year ends, so does the campaign, but we have a parting gift for you. You can get a chance to enjoy authentic sushi at home.

We have an element of surprise. While Diverse Sushi is being developed in India and abroad, Yoshi Tezuka, a sushi chef (sushi master), introduces Japanese culture and hospitality through sushi making.

The catch here is that he will come to India to give people the opportunity to taste authentic sushi and learn authentic sushi-making skills through a physical event. Isn’t that fun?

To celebrate Yoshi’s visit to India, we are running the #Sushimastereater campaign to give away 10 boxes of vegetarian sushi kits.

How do I participate? That is easy: use the campaign’s exclusive Sushimastereater Instagram filter game and try to eat as much sushi as you can. Don’t forget to use the #SushiMasterEater!

The contest will be live from 22th November 2022 to December 20, 2022. Sushi kits will be delivered to the winner by December 31, 2022.

Do you remember a Japanese girl speaking Hindi? Yes, Mayo Japan, our campaign supporter will be learning how to make sushi from the sushi master.

Stay tuned for the sushi making experience with Mayo Japan and Mr. Yoshinori Tezuka.

How to participate

Share your unique Sushi master creation for a chance to get an authentic sushi at home.

Step 1

Follow @enjoyourdiffrences account on Instagram

Step 2

Create content with a campaign filter

Step 3

Post the content to Instagram. Make sure your profile is set to public!

Don't forget to tag @enjoyourdifferences_injp & #shushimastereater to validate your entry.
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Contest Details

Winners will be announced on December 20th. The contest will be live from 22nd November 2022 to December 20, 2022. Sushi kits will be delivered to the winner by December 31, 2022. For other inquiries related to the campaign, please contact us @ email id.

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