Japanese root (or rhizome, if we’re being picky about it) related to horseradish with a potently spicy, sinus-clearing flavor

Sesame Seeds

Japanese White Sesame Seeds

Japanese Chilli

Chilli pepper, Chen peel, sesame, sansho (Japanese pepper), poppy seeds, green laver, and ginger

Sushi Vinegar

Rice vinegar (manufactured in Japan), fructose glucose liquid sugar, salt, sugar/seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

Soy Sauce

Non-fat processed soybeans (Soybeans (USA or Canada (less than 5%)) (segregated production and distribution controlled)), wheat, salt, soybeans (segregated production and distribution controlled) / Alcohol


Japanese Dried Seaweed

Japanese Rice

Japanese Rice (Nigata Prefecture, Japan)

Sushi Cooking Kit

Sushi cooking machine from Japan

How to cook

Share your unique Sushi master creation for a chance to get an authentic sushi at home.

Step 1

Prepare Sticky Rice

Step 2

Use Sushi Maker

Step 3

Let's Enjoy Sushi!

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How to cook Sushi with #SushiMasterEater kit