“Japanese Fruit Showroom” on 30th and 31st August 2022

Japanese Apple coming soon. And the first time to import Japanese Peach to India.


On the 30th and 31st August 2022, JETRO New Delhi held “Japanese Fruit Showroom”, a tasting event of the Japanese fruits in New Delhi.

In this event, Japanese apples (“RINGO” in Japanese) and peaches (“Momo”) were introduced to the 40 invitees including fresh fruit importers, chefs, managers of 5-star hotels, etc.

Some participants said, “The apple is so crisp and juicy,” “I eat a Japanese peach for the first time. It’s excellent,” and “The size of the apples and peaches are much bigger than what I have ever seen, but they are sweet and juicy.”

The representative of the organizer, Mr. Takashi Suzuki, Chief Director General of JETRO New Delhi, said “India has been importing apples and peaches from the United States and other countries, but not from Japan. But Japanese apples and peaches have unique features, so I am sure that the Indian people will enjoy and love them”.

The import of Japanese apples to India has been allowed by the Government of India since this March and it will start from either November or December this year after due process has been completed.

Japanese Apples and Peaches are well know aroud the world

Japanese apples are well known as attractive around the world in terms of its quality, taste and beautiful appearance. Some fruit experts call a Japanese apple “Honey Apple” because some varieties of Japanese apples contain density of very sweet nectar.

Japanese peaches are also well known. Chef Dominique Corby, One-Star-Michelin Chef, said “A Japanese peach has a wonderful fragrance, the hardness and sweetness is just right, making it good for eating raw, but also beautiful when it’s cooked.

Now, Japanese peaches are enjoyed not only in Japan. One of the peaches introduced in this event is sold at over 3,000 INR / KG in Japan and exported to countries in East Asia and South East Asia.


If you want to know more about Japanese apples and peaches, please access the following URLs.

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